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Hello! We're

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We are an accessible design studio and art consultancy collaborating with individuals and institutions to spark ideas and bring creative visions to life that connect, celebrate, and educate our communities.

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cha·rette /SHəˈret/

(Noun) An intense period of design or planning activity. Any collaborative process by which a group of designers and other stakeholders draft a solution to a design problem

Charette.Design solves your creative problems. So often people have great artistic ideas but lack the necessary skills to bring their projects to life. In a pinch, those "5-dollarr-designers" are an option for realizing some nascent ideas, but they are limited in their scope and ability to provide project management through fabrication. Charette.Design offers start to finish custom art installations, with an intense focus on collaboration and personalized service.

Our Services

Identity + Branding
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Exhibit Design
Custom Illustration
Signage + Wayfinding

Let's collaborate.

Is Charette.Design for you? We work with all sorts of folks from different industries, from fashion consultants to non-profits. 



“We need a

corporate history wall with a timeline, shadow boxes, and some kind of changeable 

employee recognition.”



“We want custom illustrated curtains to match our client’s interior palette.”


We want to create a traveling exhibit for our museum that details the history of women scientists.”


We want original table numbers and hand-done calligraphy place cards for our wedding.

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Check out some project case studies for: Experiential Graphics, Exhibit Design, Branding + Identity, Etc. 

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