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About Us

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Charette.Design is owned and operated by Kelly Kopacka with help from a team of artisan consultants and subject matter experts. We are based out of Charleston, South Carolina, and love working both locally and afar (one of our clients is in Kenya, Africa!).

Through her design, Kelly seeks to create meaningful and impactful work that resonates with diverse audiences and fosters inclusivity. Kelly’s design-thinking is informed by her broad experience in print and digital design, branding and identity development, as well as historical research, writing, illustration, and fine art. Kelly began her studies in art history, focusing on Eighteenth Dynasty Egyptian art and architecture. After receiving her Master of Arts at the University of Memphis, Kelly continued her education at the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University while also working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At the boutique firm HW Exhibits, she created exhibits for museums, universities, state parks, and visitor centers across the country. Kelly joined Cooper Carry and was promoted to Associate based on her work in a variety of projects across multiple disciplines, including higher education, hospitality, retail, and mixed-use.

Kelly struck out on her own to found Charette.Design in November 2023. The firm is called "Charette" after the intensive, collaborative design sessions of the same name. She finds reward in educating others through meaningful design and firmly believes that good design has the power to shape perceptions, influence behavior, and promote social change. Through Charette.Design, she hopes to make designs that change the world.


Let's collaborate.

Art Direction
• Custom Art
• Graphic Design
• Branding + Identity
• Surface Design
• Maps
• Signage and wayfinding
• Murals
• Branded Environments
• Exhibit Design
• Print Collateral
• Book Design
• Illustration
• ADA/code required signage
                    -- and more
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